GDS & A2A for Smart City

GDS & A2A first in the world in the application of technologies dedicated to Smart City

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ITALY, BRESCIA, 28th March 2017 – Global Display Solutions (GDS) and A2A Smart City, along with Brescia Trasporti, part of the Gruppo Brescia Mobilità, announce the installation of a new e-Tela™ digital display developed by GDS using e-paper technology in an A4 paper format.

This display is the first solution in the world that can be used at bus stops based on the LoRa wireless network, a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) communication system, which makes possible a highly performing network of multiple displays with low energy consumption and without the need for expensive SIM cards.


This innovative public information e-paper display, mounted at a bus stop, allows you to show real-time information on bus arrivals, bus routes, detailed schedules, as well as service conditions and emergency communications.

Powered completely using a small solar kit, it does not require a power supply through the electrical grid which means a significant reduction of the installation costs.


Moreover, the Global Display Solutions product collects local data, measures external parameters, and can be used to receive and/or transmit information in case of a blackout of traditional phone networks (i.e. cellular)