About This Project

Special features:


  • G+OPS unit, an extractable Rack including all the electronics for easy service and maintenance
  • Custom colors
  • Custom features
  • Changeable PC


The smart display containing G+OPS, sized 23″, 32″, 42″, 46″, 55″ and 75″.

Hantarex DBRAIN line is a display range designed to support Airport FIDs-PIDs-GIDs applications, delivering an unparalleled range of products, from 23″ to 75″, that provide smart and efficient solutions.

The DBRAIN series doesn’t just feature a standard OPS-like drawer (Open Pluggable Specification) that integrates only the PC. The ‘G+OPS unit’ actually contains all the components, such as the controller, RAM, power supply, main boards, cables, sensors, etc.

The ‘G+OPS unit’ allows the quickest MTTR ever and, due to its modular design, you won’t need to change the entire display to update your network. You just swap the DRAWER.



  • The Optical Bonding treatment (optional), increases contrast ratio, delivering an unparalleled readability, even in the brightest environment. And it makes the display immune from condensation and dust inside the front glass & panel as well as preventing general overheating, extending the display life.
  • The Hantarex ‘all inclusive’ global service, that may include any required action on site, installation, service, removal, periodic maintenance, cleaning etc.
  • The personalized warranty extension: you decide how many years the warranty will last, never exceeding your budgeted amount.
  • The continuous updating of the PC, through the interchangeable ‘G+OPS’, makes your network always current and high performing.


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