About This Project

Special features:


  • UNB Ultra Narrow Bezel
  • Optically Enhanced
  • Easy serviceability
  • Dust-proof and water-proof
  • Autodiagnostic System


The G-WALL is featured by an ultra slim bezels characteristic, to create powerful and impressive video walls for every kind of applications, from retail to public information venues, control rooms, advertising areas and store-front windows.

It can be also quickly installed, due to its ‘easy-click’ wall bracket mounting system (featuring the push and pull gesture) and is easily maintained, due to the extractable back doors, which allow a direct serviceability access to the most important critical components such as the Power Supply Unit or the Digital Board.


By using LED panels, G-WALL modules are completely eco-sustainable and effectively efficient toward sustainable impacts, consuming a very low quantity of Energy and helping to preserve our Environment.


It is also provided of an auto diagnostic system, that permits to manage and set all the diagnostic controls (such as temperature stability, peaks, fan control, etc.).

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