Lite Bravo

  • Digital screen advertising

About This Project

Special features:


  • Ease access for service
  • Front-glass protection
  • In-Wall Display
  • Easy cleaning
  • Interactive WOW effect


LITE Bravo is a display that can be easily built into a column or a wall, as it is designed for maximum exposure of the content displayed with minimal intrusion into public walkaway spaces.

LITE Bravo is an in-wall product equipped with push&pull equipment trays to support front access for maintenance. Once this is pushed into position with the columns’ external coating it becomes a seamless co-planar surface, perfectly blended with the black column background. Both the display and its electronic boards are integrated into the crystal front glass that, in turn, acts as the load-bearing structure itself.

Suitable for multiple digital signage installations, LITE Bravo can also be complemented with interactivity devices such as webcams and proximity sensors.

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