Stele Bravo

About This Project

Special features:


  • Self standing configuration
  • Long time reliability
  • 24/7 operating
  • Way-finder interactivity
  • Ease access for service


The STELE Bravo is a totem device to operate Digital Signage in indoor locations. It is provided of an essential and elegant design equipped with a bright professional display. The structure uses a light steel frame to support the leaf-opening serviceability, while the product also includes a protective bumper to avoid any accident caused by trolleys or cleaning machines.

The result is a sleek display with simple front access for easy maintenance and fast components swop by a single operator. STELE Bravo combines these functional devices with the iconic “made in Italy” style, delivered by its clean lines and use of quality materials.

STELE Bravo 70’’ is also available in the WAYFINDER version, that integrates a 3D Multi-Touch Screen specifically designed for indoor or semi-outdoor Public Infotainment and Advertising Environments. It includes a QR reader and other interactivity options like Web Cams and Proximity Sensors to support proximity marketing functions.

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