Stele Fashion

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About This Project

Special features:


  • Self standing ‘slim’ shape configuration
  • Long time reliability
  • 24/7 operating
  • Indoor High-Brightness
  • Compass-opening for easy maintenance
  • Wide range of customization


The Hantarex STELE Fashion is a totem especially designed to implement information and entertainment in public venues, with public people’s streams and waiting points; maps and infos about routes and itineraries during exhibitions and special events; service information in airport hubs, railways stations waiting rooms, communication and promotions in retail and show-rooms, fitness centres, cruises, trains, etc.

The STELE can be customized with several and different functional technological integrations.

A customized or standard PC can be easily embedded in the STELE, to allow sized kind of remoted contents management.
Moreover a multicast audio and video streaming from terrestrial and satellite networks is allowed, with the addition of Podcasts and Multimedia Feeds from blogs.

The user can also interact with the environment of the Stele location; using wireless connectivity a promotion code can be easily downloaded, as well as for the participation to games, competitions and selections. The contents and programming can be varied in real time, considering the passer-by behaviours.

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