e-Tela, looks traditional, is futuristic

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logo_e-telae-Tela is a digital display that mimics the appearance of ink on paper or chalk on a blackboard. Unlike conventional backlit LCD panels (that emit light) e-Tela reflects light, so its appearance and readability is exactly like that of paper.

Its power consumption is nearly like that of paper too! Like other e-paper products, e-Tela holds static text and images indefinitely while power is off, so its ‘green’ credentials are unimpeachable, its cost of ownership incredibly low.

Unlike conventional LCDs which have a glossy front glass that can give rise to unwanted reflections and readability issues, e-Tela has a perfect matt surface giving it a ‘natural look & feel’. Moreover, its ‘white’ is a real ‘snow’ white and its black is a real ‘blackboard’ black which, together, create really sharp images, clarity and impact. But you do not have to have just black or white, the e-Tela background and content colors can be chosen according to your own brand need and message aspirations.


The main benefit of e-Tela is, of course, that it is digital, so the content can be created and controlled remotely, either from a local back office or from corporate HQ. So messages, prices, promotions or menus can be updated daily or whenever there is a need. Interaction is via a simple USB drive or any preferred digital device.
Truly, e-Tela is transforming the way we think about how retail buildings are designed, constructed, maintained and operate right across the globe.’


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e-Tela is a digitai display that mimics the appearance of ink on paper or chalk on...