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Evolving the Customer Experience at the Drive-Thru


Drive-Thru today secures more than 60% of total QSR sales, but despite being the major revenue contributor, increasing the customer loyalty through an engaging experience is still a big challenge.

In a Drive-Thru lane the main tool to capture the customer’s satisfaction is the Digital Display. Its quality, colors, readability and reliability are the fundamental features that deliver Engaging Content.


  • The 7 Outdoor Enemies of Digital
  • When ‘Common Sense’ Doesn’t Make Sense for your Digital Drive-Thru Project
  • Protected Contrast is worth more than Brightness
  • Thermal Management: “A/C units = ancient technology”
  • The harsh reality of all weather conditions – do not compromise
  • Avoid display incidents and allow easy service
  • One key solution to overcome all the enemies: Optical Bonding
  • A proven 700,000 display network worldwide
  • See how GDS Technology allows best-in-class on-field applications
  • See how the Elements and not proven solutions generate awful effects

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Evolving the Customer Experience at the Drive-Thru ...